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What is God calling you to do for creation?

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Oct. 9 & 10
Sat, Oct. 9: 1-6 PM (EDT)
Sun, Oct. 10: 6-8:15  PM (EDT)
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Being Human in a Sacred World

What is the human purpose in God’s world? And how does creation care figure in that purpose? This presentation will sketch the biblical story from creation to eschaton, a sacramental vision that configures the earthly realm as God’s intended dwelling, which is now desecrated (never simply “secular”), but destined for transformation into holiness. This vision may empower the church for the exercise of wise and faithful human action in the healing of the earth, in anticipation of the day when Christ returns to make all things new.

Depravity, Injustice, and Restoration in Conservation Science

Public outreach and science communication have become central goals in conservation science and policy. A key to effective science communication is having clear messages and using metaphor and story to relate to target audiences. In this presentation, I will locate the biblical themes of depravity, injustice, and restoration through my own research in plastic pollution, climate change, and coastal ecosystem restoration.

Our Invisible Community

Exploring the connections between creation care and human well-being, we’ll see how our faith and ecological awareness can propel us to make choices that build community beyond what we can see with our eyes; an approach that can impact post-conflict peace building, biodiversity conservation, and poverty alleviation in rural communities.


Steve Bouma-Prediger
From Stewardship to Earthkeeping: Why We Should Move Beyond Stewardship
Debra Rienstra
Refugia Faith: Adapting Spiritual Practice for a World in Crisis
Gail Heffner
Loving Our Downstream Neighbor: A Call for Environmental Justice
Veronica Frans
Unexpected Neighbors: Biodiversity and Us
Jerrell Richer
Where Planet and People come before Profit:  From the Ecuadorian Rainforest to the North American University
Rahel Wells
"How the Animals Groan!": Should Christians Care about Non-Human Suffering?

All sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants for later viewing.
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october 9-10

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care summit

All of us bear the Image of God, and are responsible for our actions in the beautiful world God created. Too often we’ve fallen short, and it’s time to do better.

Whether you care about nature and animals, climate change and the global poor, or environmental justice and racism, this gathering is for you.

You’ll learn how all these topics fit together in our Christian faith, and you’ll leave better-equipped than ever to answer the calling God gives to all of us: To love and care for God’s creation and our fellow creatures who share in its flourishing.
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All you need to know before joining us for this event.

Presented by BioLogos, the Creation Care Summit is a two-day, interactive virtual event featuring wide-ranging presentations by 9 top national and regional speakers.
This is a virtual event, with on-demand access to catch up on any sessions you miss.

In order for our event to be welcoming to all we invite you to pay what you can.


Saturday, October 9: 1 PM to 6 PM  (EDT)
Sunday, October 10: 6 PM to 8:15 PM (EDT)


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